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    Striker WoW Rules!

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    Striker WoW Rules!

    Post  Curious on Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:16 am

    IP bans
    1. Don't hack, exploit, or bug in-game please.
    2. Don't impersonate a GM(Game Master) or an Administrator.
    3. Hack in the server, or hack/crash the server.

    Account Bans
    1. Excessive use of Abusive Language.
    2. Defrauding or Attempting to Defraud a GM.
    3. Harassing the GM Staff.
    4. Scamming another Player.
    5. Racism.

    Server kicks, Character Ban, Mute.
    1. Don't type all in caps. Caps are annoying
    2. Don't make threats or hurtful comments towards players
    3. Don't beg players/GM's for gold, items, levels, etc..

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